Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bits N Pieces and Gingerscraps Buffet

Queen Wild Scraps has two new template sets releasing today.
Cut It Out Vol. 2 is part of the Bits-N-Pieces sale at Scraps-N-Pieces. With evergreen trees, sledding hills and snowman shapes, it is perfect for all your wintry layouts. It is only $1 today through December 7th.
Cut It Out Vol. 3 is part of the December Buffet at Gingerscraps. These templates have lots of Christmas themed shapes: the wise men, a Christmas Tree, a roaring fire and sheet music. It is only $2 today through December 5th.

Inspiration using Cut It Out Vol. 2

CarlaQWS_CIO2_Carla1 DawnQWS_CIO2_Dawn1HenriettQWS_CIO2_Henriett1JenniferQWS_CIO2_Jennifer1 KristalQWS_CIO2_Kristal1 Queen LahniQWS_CIO2_Lahni1 LoriQWS_CIO2_Lori1 QWS_CIO2_Lori2 MeleahQWS_CIO2_Meleah1SheriQWS_CIO2_Sheri1TeresaQWS_CIO2_Teresa1TinaQWS_CIO2_Tina1TrinityQWS_CIO2_Trinity1QWS_CIO2_Trinity2

Inspiration using Cut It Out Vol. 3

CarlaQWS_CIO3_Carla1DawnQWS_CIO3_Dawn1HenriettQWS_CIO3_Henriett1 KristalQWS_CIO3_Kristal1 LoriQWS_CIO3_Lori1 QWS_CIO3_Lori2 MeleahQWS_CIO3_Meleah1TeresaQWS_CIO3_Teresa1TinaQWS_CIO3_Tina1TrinityQWS_CIO3_Trinity1

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