Monday, February 9, 2015

Week By Week Volume 2 and 3

It's the first of the month. Again. How is that possible? Where does the time go? Sometimes I long for the days of childhood where the days seemed to drag on forever. Alas, the older I get, the faster time seems to go. Both of today's new releases will help you document that time, so you keep those memories close.
Week by Week Vol. 2 is part of the Gingerscraps February Buffet. As part of this year's series to document your life, you will note that each template has seven photo spots. This is great for those of you working on a Project Life/P52 style album. However, I always take a ton of pictures, so these templates are also great for those shutterbugs. 
Week by Week Vol. 3 is part of Scraps N Pieces' Bits N Pieces. There's a bit of a postal theme to this volume, but again each template has seven photo spots, with one template have 8 photo spots. You can pick up Week by Week Vol. 3.

Week by Week Vol. 2 Inspiration

CarlaQWS_WBW2_Carla1 QWS_WBW2_Carla2 DawnQWS_WBW2_Dawn1 Jennifer NQWS_WBW2_JenniferN1 LoriQWS_WBW2_Lori1 QWS_WBW2_Lori2 MeleahQWS_WBW2_Meleah1TinaQWS_WBW2_Tina1TrinityQWS_WBW2_Trinity1

Week by Week Vol. 3 Inspiration

CarlaQWS_WBW3_Carla1 QWS_WBW3_Carla2 DawnQWS_WBW3_Dawn1Jennifer NQWS_WBW3_JenniferN1KristalQWS_WBW3_Kristal1LoriQWS_WBW3_Lori1 TeresaQWS_WBW3_Teresa1TinaQWS_WBW3_Tina1 TrinityQWS_WBW3_Trinity1

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